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Latest from the Blog

2020 – it’s a wrap!

Well, what a year it’s been. Such a strange year for so many of us. For me, it was mostly anticipatory anxiety about what might happen, rather than what actually did. I was fortunate to still physically go to work, the kids to still attend daycare, and my income to be unaffected. The social isolation…

Perfect day

Today was just perfect. I went on Sofia’s girl gang ride. It was great to see some new faces there. I feel like I’ve learnt something over the past year! I felt like I had something to offer the newbies in terms of encouragement and support. Oh and it’s nice not to be the slowest…

Bike envy.

My mate just bought a new bike. It’s a great bike. But I am now stricken with a bad case of bike envy. It’s better than my bike. Goddam it. Kudos to her… it was a great buy. Do you want to hear about it? You do? It’s a Canyon Ultimate with nice deep carbon…

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